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Our Cutting Edge Biotechnology Addresses
4 Common Water Management Issues

Conventional chemical-based treatments have not met the challenge. Water quality continues to degrade. Water treatment costs increase as invasive weeds, algae and toxic cyanobacteria HABs worsen every year.
It’s time for new thinking. It’s time for innovation. It’s time for better technologies that integrate engineering and biology.

Bio Dredging

Bio-Dredging leverages natural biological processes to digest and eliminate mucky nutrient-rich sediment.

Bio-Dredging vs Physical Dredging:

Invasive Weeds

Invasive weeds proliferate because nutrient-rich mucky sediments provide a perfect rooting bed for them to grow in.

Invasive Weeds We Can Control:

Harmful Algal Blooms

Harmful Algae Blooms(HABs) are toxin producing cyanobacteria.

Reservoir Management

Eutrophication causes many problems.

Hire Experienced Experts

Oxygenation + Nutrient Management + Economic & Sustainable

Clean-Flo deliver custom designed solutions that support and accelerate natural biological processes to restore pristine water
quality cost-effectively and sustainably, without the harmful side-effects of chemical treatments.

Oxygenation for Aquatic Life

Aquatic life in the food web need oxygen to breathe. They cannot survive in Hypoxic water.

Clean-Flo has been designing and manufacturing oxygenation systems that oxygenate the whole water column.

Well-oxygenated water at the bottom of a lake is critical to effective Nutrient Management.

Nutrient Management

If the nutrients in your water are producing biomass in the form of invasive weeds, algae and cyanobacteria you have a problem.

Only by restoring the full biodiversity of the animal life in the food web can this biomass be consumed and cleared from the lake.

When biological balance between plant and animal life is restored, nutrient clearance becomes economic and self-sustaining.

econmic and sustainable CF

Economic & Sustainable

Nature has always renewed and restored our water but has become overwhelmed by excessive nutrient loads from urbanization, food production & wastewater treatment.

By supporting natural processes, we restore Nature’s capacity for nutrient clearance via the food web, which becomes self sustaining again.

Costs decrease over time whereas chemical treatments get more expensive every year.

Cleaning Water Biologically
for Over 50 Years.

What We Do

Every waterbody, whether it be a pond, lake, reservoir, or wastewater treatment plant is different. So cobbling together off-the shelf systems and products is always a compromise, so a successful outcome becomes based as much on hope and luck as on effective technology and design.

You’ll see below that we serve a variety of markets, offer solutions to a variety of problems, and our technology can be applied to a variety of aquatic environments. What they all have in common is the fact that our Customers recognize that it is only through custom engineering and design can the specific requirements for each project be addressed to a degree that success can be assured.

And they trust Clean-Flo’s experience and expertise over more than 50 years to deliver the solution they are looking for.

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Markets We Serve

Water Quality Restoration

Water Quality Restoration

Farming &

Farming &

& Utilities

Government & Utilities

- Wastewater treatment
- Reservoir management
- National Parks
- Reclamation & reuse

Problems We Solve

Reservoirs &
Potable Water

Reservoirs & Potable Water

- High metal levels (Mn, Fe)
- High TOC
- High chemical treatment costs
- High Disinfection By-Products

Services We Provide

Service &

Service & Support

-Remediation program management
- System service & maintenance
- Monitoring & reporting
- Program optimization over time

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