Oil & Gas

The traditional extraction of oil and gas involve large amounts of water usage and the water is contaminated from contact with hydrocarbons, drilling fluids and other contaminants naturally present in the substrate. This contaminated water is known as produced water. If treated properly produced water can be used for livestock watering, aquifer storage, irrigation, steam-flow augmentation, municipal and industrial uses.

Fracking uses pressurized water, chemicals, and sand to extract shale oil and natural gas from deep underground resulting in produced water that needs treatment prior to reintegration into the watershed. A Clean-Flo International aeration system can restore water to approved regulation levels for gas & oil companies.

Clean-Flo Cleans Water Biologically

Clean-Flo International has spent nearly half a century cleaning water biologically. By using fine-bubble aeration in unison with biological treatments, Clean-Flo is able to produce industry leading results. Clean-Flo International’s aeration system is a continuous solution to help lower levels of dissolved metals such as manganese and iron, help raise pH levels, and stave away sludge buildup and surface matting.
By mechanically introducing oxygen into the produced water via our industry-leading micro-porous ceramic diffusers, Clean-Flo is able to begin a series of changes that all stem from higher dissolved oxygen levels. Increased dissolved oxygen helps oxidize sulfide reducing bacteria which reduces the odor of hydrogen sulfide commonly found in fracking lagoons. High levels of dissolved oxygen also begin to stabilize levels of pH which further optimize conditions for removal of hydrogen sulfide. Increased levels of dissolved oxygen is able to oxidize dissolved metals into less soluble forms by transforming them to their oxidized state. Oxidizing metals such as manganese, arsenic, and iron increases the effectiveness and efficiency of fracking water treatments which directly decreases remediation costs.

The Importance of Water Turnover

Another beneficial attribute of a Clean-Flo aeration system is constant water turnover. Because the aeration system is constantly turning over the water, sludge build-up and surface matting do not occur. The columns of fine-bubbles that drive the water turnover work to aid in increased evaporation. The fine bubbles emerging at the surface aids in the removal of humid air at the water’s surface. This increases the evaporation rate.

Bioaugmentation such as enzymatic formulas to help reduce hydrocarbons is often used in symbiosis with the mechanical introduction of oxygen into the water to produce greater and faster results.
Clean-Flo also has a wealth of experience designing aeration systems for freshwater frac ponds to keep water quality high, increase dissolved oxygen, reduce mosquito growth and reduce freezing of the water during winter months. Incorporating the services of Clean-Flo is a cost-effective solution to oil & gas water treatment when addressing low dissolved oxygen levels, low pH levels, and high levels of dissolved metals.