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Nutrient sponge GR was created specifically to reduce nutrients and help improve water quality without the potential side effects of chemicals. A unique granular formulation, Nutrient sponge GR has the ability to hold a high quantity of active colonies of microorganisms used to treat water. It can be deployed in the body of water to reduce nutrients present, but can also be deployed in incoming springs, creeks and streams to reduce nutrients before they ever reach a body of water. The best watershed management programs cannot stop all nutrients from entering a body of water, but now Nutrient sponge GR can be added to further increase nutrient reduction in incoming waters.

Where It Can Be Used

Nutrient Sponge GR can be used in many different types of applications. Aeration and circulation improve performance. Non-aerated applications will experience lower removal rates than aerated applications. Typical applications include use in wastewater lagoons, ponds, lakes and reservoirs (both in the body of water as well as incoming inlets), fish ponds and aquaculture ponds, decorative ponds, moving water systems such as creeks and rivers, circulating waste tanks, etc. Nutrient sponge GR can also be formulated for removal of many metal ions such as selenium, arsenic, lead, copper, nickel and manganese.

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Additional information

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How To Use

What it Does:

Diatoms are microscopic food power cells (phytoplankton) that convert carbon dioxide, nitrogen and phosphorus into dissolved oxygen, oxygen rich organic compounds and zooplankton which result in a healthy ecosystem and ultimately a thriving fish population. They play a dynamic role in nutrient conversion and regulation of ecosystems.

How it Works:

Diatoms are the food source at the base of the fish food chain. Grow diatoms, grow fish! When nutrients go into the fish food chain, they are unavailable to weeds and other algae. Diatoms increase dissolved oxygen in the water. They produce more oxygen in their life cycle, than they consume. Scientific studies confirm that diatoms are the single largest producer of oxygen for the planet earth!

Where it Can Be Used:

Bio Booster LQ can be used in water bodies throughout the year. The CLEAN-FLO inversion aeration system will enhance the performance and provide additional water improvement benefits.


Initially apply 1 gallon per 1,000,000 gallons of water with maintenance dosages of ½ gallon per million 2-4 times during the spring & summer season. The product can be sprayed on the surface or poured over aeration diffuser boils. For heavily polluted water bodies, dosage should be doubled.



When used as directed, product is safe for the environment.


Store product in original container at room temperature.