Bathymetric Maps

Clean-Flo is partnered with BioBase, a powerful cloud-based software that processes and creates layered aquatic vegetation and bathymetric maps from collected depth sonar data. This new technology provides accurate images and reports that allow us to provide our customers with effective solutions. With BioBase mapping, it’s easier than ever to establish a “baseline” to monitor any changes and respond with recommendations for improving water quality over time.

Uses of Bathymetric and Vegetation Mapping for Reservoirs, Ponds, & Lakes

Sonar depth and vegetative mapping services can be used for any size lake, pond, reservoir, or any other water body to determine important variables including:

Average Water Depths
Maximum Water Depths
Calculating Water Volumes & Surface Areas
Sediment Volumes and Monitoring
Pond & Lake Aeration Design Parameters
Water Quality Monitoring
Fisheries Management
Algae & Aquatic Weed Control
Reduction in Organic Muck After Aeration

Vegetation and Bathymetric Mapping for Water Quality Improvement

Clean-Flo pond, lake and reservoir mapping with BioBase is an efficient method to help understand a body of water’s unique characteristics. Vegetation and bathymetric maps produced using BioBase can be a great measurement tool for any restoration or water quality improvement project as these maps provide an in-depth understanding of the physical and morphological characteristics of the water body.

Bottom Composition Monitoring

Clean-Flo’s laminar flow and bioaugmentation can reduce organic sediments or muck and will firm up the bottom of a water body. Bottom composition mapping can show the progress of muck reduction changes from light color tan (soft) to darker orange (firm) as shown below.

Bottom Composition 2014


Bottom Composition 2016

Water Depth Monitoring

As muck reduces, there is more water depth. BioBase mapping can help show the increase in water depth by changing from light colors representing shallow water to dark colors representing deeper water. The maps below show the changes over the period of 7 months.

Water Depth Contour May 2015

Water Depth Contour December 2015

Biovolume Monitoring

Clean-Flo’s laminar flow and bioaugmentation also have the potential to reduce many types of nuisance vegetation over time. The biovolume maps below show the changes in vegetation over a 7-month period. The measurement scale shows that red is the highest biovolume followed by yellow, green and then blue. The second image below shows that most of the biovolume has been drastically reduced.

Biovolume May 2015

Biovolume December 2015

At Clean-Flo, we are committed to delivering cost-effective solutions with greater operating efficiency. We work with you to not only provide a solution to your problem but results that meet your goals. Due to our customized process of work, pricing for sonar depth and vegetative mapping is based on the specific needs, size and location of the project. Contact us today for a free estimate, we look forward to working with you every step of the way.