Winter Aeration and Ice Prevention for Lakes and Ponds

A common misconception is that pond and lake aeration is only useful during spring and summer months to protect the fish, help control algae and weeds, or reduce the presence of muck. The truth is, however, winter aeration is an essential component of a beautiful, healthy body of water come springtime. This is especially true for water bodies that have a history of low dissolved levels of oxygen. Constant lake or pond aeration throughout the year will improve the circulation of oxygen throughout a water body, eliminate the risk of winter fish kill, and ultimately help your water body to return to its natural, healthy state.

Ice Prevention for Ponds and Lakes

As temperatures drop, ice forms on the water’s surface, which ultimately blocks the pathway for oxygen and solar exposure to enter. The formation of the ice eliminates the vital components needed by underwater plants to undergo the photosynthesis process to produce the necessary dissolved oxygen in the water. The less solar exposure and the colder it becomes; the water underneath will become extremely dense making it challenging for oxygen to circulate. In addition, toxic gases will begin to build up underwater without an open space to escape which can quickly contribute to the poor health of the water body.

In conjunction with the risk ice formation has on the health of a water body, and it’s wildlife, ice can also cause damage to boats, pilings, docks, retaining walls and other in water structures.

1 hour after the aeration system was turned on in a pond that was fully covered with ice

Why Should Aeration Continue Through the Winter?

We tend to believe that ponds and lakes are inactive during the cold winter months. However, the truth is they are bursting with life under the water’s surface all year long. The benefits of aeration for your body of water throughout the winter are quite obvious. Aeration systems act as an assistant to the natural oxygenation process of water bodies in order to help combat harsh winter conditions.

While aeration systems won’t keep an entire water body ice free, they can help create an opening in the ice which allows oxygen and sunlight to enter the water body and gases to escape. The oxygen produced by aeration systems is especially important when the natural levels are drastically reduced during the winter months. Also, winter and early spring fish kills can be minimized through consistent aeration. 00Bottom lake water absorbs heat from the earth, which keeps it above freezing. Once our system is started, it will constantly mix this warmer water with the colder surface water. This will help melt any ice that already formed on the water while lessening the opportunity for new ice to form.

When Should You Start Aerating a Pond or Lake?

It can take up to 3-6 months to see improvements for controlling blue-green algae and duckweed, muck removal, and improving water quality using natural processes. Install the CLEAN-FLO aeration system in the fall, winter or early spring to achieve results by mid-summer. For improved reservoirs, lakes and ponds next year, you must begin now. So, install the aeration system as soon as possible to improve water quality for best results.

If you continue to wait to start the aeration process, you’re allowing time for more nutrients to accumulate, more plant growth which will produce more muck when it dies, and more oxygen swings which are detrimental to fish and other aquatic life.

Winter Aeration and Ice Prevention with Clean-Flo’s Systems

Our systems are custom designed for every project, involve no moving parts in the water, increase in efficiency with deeper water, prevent ice and reduce existing ice and operate in all climates. It is important for us to understand your goal of installing a winter aeration system. For instance, a system for preventing fish kills may be a small system with only a couple of diffusers. Compared to a system that is needed to totally prevent ice formation may have many dozens of diffusers depending on the size of the water body.

Put the power and expertise of CLEAN-FLO to work for you!