Why is CLEAN-FLO International the best choice for improving a water body?

Custom Engineered Solutions. Industry Leading Performance.

Competitive Price. Full-Service Management.

Clean water. A tranquil pond…a pristine lake…a peaceful river…a thirst quenching drink… Water is fundamental to our quality of life and essential to life itself.

CLEAN-FLO International has been restoring water bodies with cutting edge technologies for over 45 years. These technologies work with nature to bring polluted, overgrown and dying water bodies back to life. Dissolved oxygen and the perfect balance of beneficial organisms are the fundamental building blocks of a healthy aquatic ecosystem.

Industry Leading Technologies

Laminar Flow Inversion Oxygenation

Our technology delivers the highest oxygen transfer at the lowest energy usage in the industry. Our unique diffuser design ensures complete circulation to the water-sediment boundary delivering full ecosystem restoration not just aeration of the water column.

Biological Augmentation

We pioneered the use of beneficial bacteria and enzyme treatments to improve water quality, eliminate pollutants and rapidly reduce organic sludge or muck on the bottom. All of our biological augmentation solutions are a natural alternative to chemical treatments.

Every System, Every Project – Custom Engineered for Optimal Performance

Every water body is different. Cookie-cutter, off-the-shelf aeration technology may be convenient and low cost for the manufacturer to produce, BUT in many cases, it is inefficient and ineffective in the field.
Most aeration companies are product-based. They develop set product packages or “kits” that supposedly fit a range of water body sizes, depths, and conditions. CLEAN-FLO International is results-based. We take the time to custom engineer each design to meet the specific needs and requirements to achieve complete water body restoration.
Nature is complex, each water body is different. A cookie-cutter approach may be better for the aeration equipment company, but it is not better for the customer.

Core Technologies, Multiple Applications

Laminar Flow Inversion Oxygenation, Biological Augmentation, and In-situ Microbial Stimulation are core technologies for cleaning and restoring water. These versatile technologies have been field tested across multiple applications and industries, and our commitment to innovation finds new opportunities to improve water every day.

Select the appropriate application for your project to learn more about our industry-leading technology and results:

Custom Engineered Does Not Mean Out of Budget

CLEAN-FLO International’s unique diffuser design is simply more efficient than membrane diffusers, solar pump technologies, and surface aerators. This efficiency advantage enables us to deliver a custom engineered solution at a lower price than cookie-cutter, off-the-shelf equipment.

Scientific Proof of Results, History You Can Count On

Our technology has been tested and scrutinized by independent engineering firms across multiple applications. The results are in… our technology delivers. For more details on our unmatched track record of results click here.
No project is too big. We have engineered, shipped and installed thousands of systems throughout North America and 5 other continents. Contact us for a no-obligation consultation and design today.