Watermilfoil Reduction in Four Michigan Inland Lakes

Excerpt from: Inversion Oxygenation and Bioaugmentation Reduces Invasive Eurasian Watermilfoil Growth in Four Michigan Inland Lakes

Prepared by: Jennifer L. Jermalowicz-Jones  Ph.D. Candidate, Restorative Lake Sciences


  • Each of the 4 studied lakes showed significant reductions in EWM due to aeration
  • Two of the studied lakes with > 75% reduction in EWM had significant reduction in sediment ammonia, inorganic nitrogen, and % organic matter
  • In Paradise Lake, the EWM polygons were “broken” up and there was a complete absence of a canopy since aeration began but acreage has declined from 100 acres in the West Basin to currently 58 acres
  • This research suggests possible sediment nitrogen and organic nutrition mechanisms that occur from aeration + bioaugmentation which appears to affect the nutrition of milfoil on certain sediment types.
  • The research/mechanisms suggest the aeration systems affects the nutrition of Milfoil and certain sediments.
  • Bioaugmentation reduces nitrogen and organic nutrients.

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Milfoil Reduction on 4 Michigan Lakes

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