Testimonials & Endorsements

Our technology has been tested and scrutinized by engineering and consulting firms across multiple applications, all proving that our technology delivers. We are honored by the comments and testimonials that we receive from the people, organizations, and professional communities that we have worked within the past.

“Better performance was experienced when the aeration was augmented with the bio products initially during the project trial. The algae had died, the transparency was increasing and the odor reduced.”

“Another great year for our pond. Thank you and the entire Clean-Flo crew for your talents and efforts.”

“Cleanflo products work….Night and day difference.”
“CLEAN-FLO analyzed our pond water, designed the solution and had all the equipment in place in about a month. We are now approaching a year that the system has been installed and the pond looks great!”
“The BGWTP feels the installation of the Clean-Flo system enhanced water quality and it is an important tool for its reservoir management.”
“I’m happy to report that we now have a beautiful pond with minimal algae in only our second full season of using the CLEAN-FLO aeration system and products.”
“After 1.5 seasons using your recommended products, it is clear that, along with aeration, the system works beautifully.”
“We have completely transformed the pH and the metals profile of our water source…..I appreciate the professionalism shown by you and your staff throughout the process…”
“I couldn’t believe it. In 3 years time I lost about 13 to 14 inches of muck…keep in mind this is no quick fix but if you have the time it does work.”
“Clean Flo’s goal seems to be in line with mine, which is to greatly reduce the use of herbicides by utilizing the natural process of bacteria and oxygen to reduce the nutrients in water bodies….I always prefer to use Clean Flo who in my opinion is an expert in keeping ponds and lakes healthy without the use of herbicides.”

Nevin Engineering

“I liked the idea of enzymes and ordered a gallon of CLEAN & CLEAR and was going to order tablets but they told me to wait to see if the CLEAN & CLEAR was working (honest people). I followed the protocol for one month and my pond has really started to clear up.
“We are pleased to provide this letter of recommendation for CLEAN-FLO and their lake aeration systems…Our working relationship has been quite productive and our initial results show we are meeting our objectives.”
“CLEAN-FLO analyzed our pond water, designed the solution and had all the equipment in place in about a month. We are now approaching a year that the system has been installed and the pond looks great!”
“Thank you, thank you, CLEAN-FLO for your products and for your patient assistance in developing a complete system for our pond. The fish and grandkids are just as happy as we are!”
“Lake is doing superbly and both Trout and Smallmouth are thriving plus Algae is down.”
“Currently, residents are reporting EWM [Eurasian Watermilfoil] plants, with their root systems attached, appearing on the shoreline. This indicates that the plants are being ‘starved’ and are releasing from the lake bottoms already.”
“Clean-Flo International® of West Chester, Pennsylvania was responsible for the supply and implementation of a custom designed solution using SIS.bio’s RADOR Laminar Flow technology and bioaugmentation products in 2012. The success of this solution is detailed in my reports entitled “Evaluation of Laminar Flow Aeration and Bioaugmentation for Improvements to the South Basin of Austin Lake, Kalamazoo County, Michigan” of December 2012 and “Evaluation of Laminar Flow Aeration and Bioaugmentation for Water Quality Improvements in the South Basin of Austin Lake, Kalamazoo County, Michigan” of February 2014.
“Our firm has studied Clean-Flo technologies since 2009 and has noted several consistent results among sites which include: Statistically significant reductions in Microcystis colonies in inland lakes that contain whole-lake aeration and utilize bio augmentation with C-Flo bacteria and ceramic diffuser designs.”
“The enclosed report documents the success of the system in reducing the amount of aquatic plants in the marina along with the muck layer that had built up in the Marina since it was last dredged…”
“A Clean-Flo inversion oxygenation system was installed in late April go 2006, a significant drop in bacteria levels was observed after a week of operation. The systems turned off a few weeks after installation and bacteria levels rose. When the system was restarted, a decrease in bacteria levels was again recorded, suggesting that the Clean-Flo system was directly affecting bacteria levels in the lake. “
“Our bass, blue gill, crappie and catfish populations have increased. Thank you CLEAN-FLO from all of us here at Spring Valley Estates for all of your expertise and assistance. P.S., if fish could talk, they would be thanking you also…”
“With the steps taken so far, some amazing things have occurred. Firstly, the fish population has thrived….but most importantly, the pond ecology is healthy, clean and can be sustained for much lest. And best of all, they did not have to spend $200,000 [for dredging].”

Newspaper Article

“I am writing to tell you how pleased we are at Parkview Hills that we selected CLEAN-FLO to help restore the 8 acre lake in our development. The system significantly reduced the algae and weed growth…and we are seeing clear evidence of muck reduction…”
“This year with the C-FLO family I am in shock and awe at the results and the low price. Not only cheaper but actually worked. It is a pleasure to look at the water and see it sparkle!”

Ron Harrison (pdf)

“The aeration system did a fantastic job this summer and the reservoir is far cleaner now than in previous years…if the system was not in operation this summer we would have had monumental problems in being able to satisfactorily treat the water and compliance with DOH regulations.
“Water treatment costs have cut down 60%, ROI is around 3 years, water to plants has a stable consistency, and Mn [manganese] is under control. Customers are starting to express their satisfaction for the better taste and odor of the water on the tap, they do not have to buy water bottles anymore!”
“The last two winters in particular, thanks to the aeration system installed in the lake, Warren Lake has been a mecca for rare gulls.”
“The interventions initiated by the community to work with Clean-Flo and SIS.bio, the providers of the remediation program, have reversed this situation. The solutions introduced have clearly worked not only to prevent domination of nutrient uptake by algae, weeds and cyanobacteria but also to improve the fish life that these birds prey upon.”