CLEAN-FLO offers effective biological control products that are safe for the environment and efficiently clean bodies of water of varying sizes and depths. These non-toxic cleaning supplies contain living organisms and beneficial bacteria that remove unwanted phosphorus and other materials from water while improving water quality. The result of this process is a body of water that is thoroughly maintained by the all-natural cleaning elements that we provide.

The biological products found on this page also include the elements necessary for a properly functioning ecosystem. The various living organisms and enzyme formulas available through CLEAN-FLO are well-suited for use in pond aeration systems and other environmental cleaning efforts. These products facilitate cleaning functions such as nitrification, the biodegradation of non-living organic sediment, and stabilization of pH levels.

At CLEAN-FLO, we pride ourselves on being able to provide our customers with the tools and materials necessary for clean, naturally maintained ecosystems. The following biological control products are but one of the many ways our customers attain crystal-clear lakes, ponds and rivers.