Restoration of Powai Lake

Excerpt from: Presentation on Conservation and Revival of Powai Lake

Prepared by: Shri M.R. Sohoni Dy. Municipal Commissioner (Special Engineering)

Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai

Brief History

Powai lake was created in 1891 by constructing a dam between two hillocks across Mithi River in Mumbai, India. The catchment area of the lake is about 600 hectares and the water spread area at full supply level is 220 hectares. The top-level of the dam is at 195 Feet T.H.D. level. The length of the dam is about 110 meters and the height is varying from 6 meters (maximum ht.) to 3 meters. (minimum ht.)

Lake is deteriorated due to accelerated growth of the residential, commercial, and industrial area around the lake & quarrying activity in the catchment area.

The lake water is not used for drinking purposes but for nonpotable purposes i.e. gardening and industrial use.

Scope of Work

The scope of work consists of the following activities for improving the quality of Powai Lake Water by using BIOREMEDIATION TECHNIQUE to bring the values of various parameters of the lake water up to the values required for maintaining Eco-balance.

  1. The baseline data collection and continuous monitoring of lake water and sludge and submission of monthly reports to BMC.
  2. Removal of water hyacinth and other unrooted weeds from the lake water surface and transporting the same to a suitable place as directed by the Corporation.
  3. Aeration of the lake with Compressors & diffusers etc.
  4. The biological treatment to lake water with specialty bio-product.
  5. Monitoring of the quality of lake water during a maintenance period of 36 months and necessary corrective measures shall be taken to maintain the quality of water as desired.

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