Naturally Improve Your Body of Water’s Health with an Aeration System from Clean-Flo

As a global provider of water aeration systems, we deliver a natural, cost effective method for improving water quality through our exclusive line of specially designed aerator systems. Clean-Flo’s unique aeration technology solutions are customized to increase oxygen levels in bodies of water including ponds, lakes, drinking water reservoirs, wastewater lagoons, and more.

Clean-Flo’s unique aeration process is much more effective than “one size fits all” or “kit” aerators and achieves benefits that conventional aeration systems cannot attain. To get maximum results, we need to understand the dynamics of the body of water. Our team aims to understand as best as possible specific qualities of each body of water. These include retention, organic load, bathymetry, recreational uses, plant growth and ultimately what results are expected. Utilizing this unique information, our engineers then design the best possible system for the body of water, which is why you cannot purchase an aeration system off of our website. In fact, each year we remove many “one size fits all” types of aeration systems when they didn’t produce the intended results.
Our custom design and build program quickly builds and ships an order after receiving it, most products and small systems are shipped within 1 to 3 days. Larger systems may have some lead time to fulfill the entire order. All of our aeration systems are designed for efficient installation with all component parts provided.

Learn more about our specific custom water aeration systems:

  • Pond Aerators - Clean-Flo

    Pond Aeration Systems

  • Lake Aerators - Clean-Flo

    Lake Aeration System

  • Waste Water Aerator Systems

    Waste Water Aeration Systems

  • River Aerators - Clean-Flo

    River Aeration Systems

  • Aquaculture Aerators

    Aquaculture Aeration Systems

  • Drinking Water Reservoir Aerator

    Drinking Water Reservoir Aeration Systems

  • Lakefront Aerators

    Lakefront Aeration System

  • Winter Aeration Systems

    Winter Aeration

Adding one of our aeration systems to the body of water will increase the benefits of these products.