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For almost 50 years Clean-Flo international has been providing waterbody solutions naturally. Clean-Flo International has helped remedy wastewater issues in Taiwan, drinking water reservoir issues in Korea, and sediment issues in the USA. Using industry-leading pond aeration hardware coupled with the correct biological treatments at the correct time, Clean-Flo is well equipped to remedy the issues of your pond.

For ponds over 2 acres in area, every system is custom designed for the waterbody in which it will be operating. This requires a further understanding of the waterbody below the surface. By understanding the depth profile of the waterbody, Clean-Flo is able to place the micro-porous diffusers by geographic coordinates to ensure the highest efficiency of the pond aeration system.

To ensure the highest level of results, a series of biological treatments will be prescribed for your pond based on geographic region and the primary issue (muck, algae, weeds) of your pond. These treatments are all natural and promote the proliferation of a healthy food chain in your pond. The treatments will also be curated specifically for your pond and dosing at the right time is imperative. Therefore, a customized dosing schedule will be provided for your pond.

The benefits of a Clean-Flo pond aeration system stem from the system addressing the root problem that is causing symptoms such as excessive muck or sediment, algae blooms, or pond weeds. A Clean-Flo Pond Aeration System works by starving the unwanted food chains that feed muck, algae, and weeds. The nutrients are instead consumed by micro-bacteria at the bottom of healthy food chains that support fish life and the surrounding ecosystem.

By solving the root problem, rather than addressing the symptoms, a Clean-Flo aeration system is the only solution your pond needs. It continues to work year after year, keeping your pond healthy and beautiful.