Marina and Dock Aeration / Bubbler Systems

Protecting marinas and docks from winter ice damage is a constant problem in colder winter areas. Winter ice can cause extensive damage in marinas and around docks if the ice pack expands and moves around damaging expensive structures. Dock bubbler aeration deicers prevent this damage by keeping an area of water free from ice formation to prevent the forces that ice can cause. They also allow boats to launch earlier in the spring. Dock aeration bubbler systems can protect docks, boathouses, boat lifts, power dams, barges, dredges, and boats to name a few applications.

Allowing boats to remain in the water during winter can save substantial amounts of cost. This can be done for boats that are too large to lift with a crane. Many large boat owners may live aboard in the winter or leave the boat in the water for other reasons. This will allow them to stay clear of ice and prevent damage.

Prevent Damage to Dock Structures and Boats

Ice can exert massive forces that most structures are not capable of withstanding. Water contracts when it cools. When it reaches the freezing point, it starts to expand, turns into ice, and starts to float on top of the water. With the ice floating on top, the water underneath it remains warm. Dock bubblers keep the ice away from both your boat dock and boat by bringing up warm water to the surface. Clean-Flo’s systems constantly circulate the water around these structures to prevent ice formation.

Without some type of a dock deicing system in place, substantial damage can occur to structures as well as boats left in the water. Docks can be twisted, bent, broken, and totally destroyed. Freezing ice can heave the dock up or down, moving it off moorings or damaging the anchor posts themselves. Bulkheads can be damaged as well. Mechanical systems can also be damaged and destroyed. Install a deicing system before ice formation starts to avoid this potential costly damage.

Winter deicing of irrigation pond

Winter deicing of a 160 acre drinking water reservoir
Be sure to install a deicing system that is appropriate for your application and expected results. Not all deicing systems perform that same or produce the same results. Clean-Flo has been designing aeration and deicing systems for over 50 years. We will gather some simple information and discuss your goals for the project. We do not sell systems off the shelf and will only provide a quote once we have enough details for success. As you can see, creating a detailed deicing plan for your marina, dock or entire lake is not as simple as just installing a couple of deicers that you buy online.

It is important to take into consideration many factors including:
•    Size of the deicing area
•    Depth of the deicing area
•    Dock shape and configuration
•    Additional obstructions that will disrupt the flow of water
•    Power availability
•    Geographic location
•    Elevation
•    Year-round operation to improve water quality or just for deicing
•    Local laws or permitting requirements
•    Recreational use around the area
•    Water level fluctuations

Clean-Flo Custom Engineered Design

Once we have the information, we will develop a plan to achieve your goals. Our deicing systems are designed using variously sized compressors (based on the application and size), along with self-sinking airline and micro-porous ceramic diffusers that supply a steady stream of microbubbles from the bottom to the surface of the water. This non-turbulent flow can move and circulate massive quantities of water and quickly warms the surface waters to prevent ice formation. Our systems will not stir up the bottom sediment and can be placed more precisely than dock mounted deicers or agitator deicers.

Added Benefits

Why Clean-Flo?

Not all deicing or bubbler systems produce the same result or benefits. Clean-Flo’s history of engineering expertise allows us to produce systems that are energy efficient and provide numerous other beneficial “side effects” including year-round benefits such as:

•    Improved water quality
•    Increased oxygen levels for aquatic life
•    Reduced weed and algae growth
•    Elimination of stagnant mosquito breeding water
•    Reducing odors
•    Encourage natural decomposition of organic sediment or muck and other pollutants
•    Prevent fish kills and improve overall health and size of fish
•    Reduction of pathogenic bacteria

CLEAN-FLO delivers cost-effective and energy efficient solutions for your marina and dock ice prevention needs. We have over 50 years of experience preventing ice damage around diverse types of structures as well as preventing ice coverage in lake, reservoirs as well as oil, gas, and mining operations. We do not sell systems over the internet just to make a sale. We collaborate with you before and after the sale to provide not only the solution to your problems but results that meet your goals. We invite you to be our next customer.