Laminar Flow Inversion and Oxygenation

The most important part of CLEAN-FLO’s unique water improvement process is called “Continuous Laminar Flow Inversion and Oxygenation”. Laminar flow inversion sets the stage for other functions to take place that lead to eutrophication reversal and water quality improvement. CLEAN-FLO invented and engineered this energy efficient process for a wide range of freshwater and wastewater applications. Unlike ordinary diffused air systems, surface aerators, paddlewheels, hypolimnetic aerators, or propeller-aspirator aerators, our process oxygenates an entire body of water from top to bottom.

Laminar flow created by our systems is non-turbulent and will not increase suspended solids or increase turbidity. In fact, the opposite is true, suspended solids and turbidity will be reduced. Our diffusers are placed on the bottom and are not suspended above the sediments, to ensure oxygenation of the sediment-water interface. As the bubbles release from a diffuser, oxygen is transferred to the water from the bubble, and they also move water gently to the surface and across the surface where additional oxygen is absorbed by the water. CLEAN-FLO systems are designed to completely mix the surrounding waters and evenly distribute dissolved oxygen throughout the sediments for efficient microbial utilization.

Continuous laminar flow inversion oxygenates the water and removes toxic gases.

Laminar flow inversion and oxygenation carry oxygenated, toxic gas-free surface water down to the bottom where it binds phosphorus and nitrogen to the sediments. This oxygenation helps purge the water of carbon dioxide (CO2), which produces an environment that promotes better water quality. Other gasses such as hydrogen sulfide (H2S) and ammonia are also purged from the sediments. Oxygenation enables beneficial microorganisms to feed on bottom non-living organic sediment. It enables aquatic insects to feed on the microorganisms, and fish to inhabit the bottom waters and feed on the insects, providing a valuable natural food source to improve fish growth and health.

CLEAN-FLO laminar flow systems increase inversion of a water body to several times a day or several times a week or month. The amount of inversion depends on CLEAN-FLO’s engineering design to counteract incoming pollutants and pollutants in that particular body of water. Our systems are designed for a particular site and account for variables such as water depth and volume, basin bathymetry, water flow rates, presence of aquatic weeds and algae growth, and thickness and composition of lake sediment.

Continuous laminar flow aeration and oxygenation has provided valuable improvements in water quality and fish health and growth, while also producing reductions of nutrients, non-living organic muck, and foul odors.

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