Full Service Water Body Restoration

Clean-Flo international is a company experienced and equipped to provide full spectrum service. From our nearly 50 years of experience, we have been able to provide exemplary service in research, design, implementation, bio-augmentation, ongoing maintenance and management, and system enhancement.

CLEAN-FLO’s Research

To understand how to best restore a waterbody, three main forms of research are essential. Water samples, sediment samples, and sonar mapping. These forms of research allow Clean-Flo to fully understand the ecosystem in which it will be operating. Clean-Flo takes water samples at different depth profiles to gauge temperature and dissolved oxygen changes from the surface to bottom. Water samples can also be analyzed in a laboratory for various parameters and algae content. Sediment samples are taken sent to the laboratory as well. Knowing the makeup of the sediment is a direct indicator of how effective any naturally restorative solution will be in a body of water. Lastly, a sonar scan is conducted using the Lowrance HDS7 fish finder/Chartplotter with broadband sounder technology, built-in GPS antenna, and high-definition mapping. Sonar mapping is utilized to understand and visualize waterbody attributes such as depth, vegetation, and bottom hardness. Here are some examples of what that looks like.

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CLEAN-FLO’s Design

Utilizing the extensive research gathered, Clean-Flo has a full understanding to design an aeration system tailored specifically to the waterbody in which it will be operating. Diffuser locations are determined by the depth to create the maximum amount of water turnover which gleans the most value from the system. Systems are designed using satellite imagery and diffuser locations are designed using GPS coordinates to ensure the highest level of accuracy during implementation. Clean-Flo’s systems are designed with efficiency in mind and the goal of using the least amount of electricity needed. Clean-Flo is able to design a system for lakes, ponds, reservoirs, or wastewater lagoons.

CLEAN-FLO’s Implementation

After the design, Clean-Flo will install the system into the waterbody. Our team is experienced with installations of all different sizes, from small ponds to 1000-acre reservoirs. Utilizing the GPS of the Lowrance HDS7, diffusers are placed to their designated coordinates ensuring the system is installed to spec. After powering on the system, our in-field experts adjust the diffuser boils to confirm they are balanced and even across the entire waterbody creating the highest system output.

CLEAN-FLO’s Bio-Augmentation

A treatment plan of all natural biological additives is created specifically for a waterbody based on the research findings of the water and sediment samples. Microbes, enzymes, and other biological treatments work in a symbiotic manner with the aeration system to give unparalleled results. Dosing is created on a seasonal basis to maintain a steady barrier against unwanted organic accumulation, algae, aquatic weeds, and/or sediment.

CLEAN-FLO’s Ongoing Maintenance & Management / System Enhancement

Having Clean-Flo conduct yearly full-service management is an infallible option to ensure the restoration of any waterbody. This service includes applying the product doses as well as mechanical system maintenance to ensure the highest longevity of the diffusers and compressors. Clean-Flo will do seasonal scans of the waterbody to gauge improvement and glean information needed to enhance the system. In some cases, increased depth from sediment reduction creates an opportunity to move diffuser positions to increase system efficiency. Hiring Clean-Flo to manage your body of water is a stress-free option for keeping the waterbody clean and healthy all year. Insert CTA leading to the regular intake form.