DIY Pond Maintenance Program

Clean-Flo’s DIY Pond Maintenance Program is an all-encompassing solution for your pond. The DIY Pond Maintenance Program couples an industry leading pond aeration system with all-natural biological treatments to provide unparalleled year-round results against pond algae, muck, and weeds whether rooted or unrooted. While many other pond maintenance solutions include harmful chemicals such as algaecides, Clean-Flo is committed to only using all-natural solutions. Other pond solution providers fall short of Clean-Flo’s DIY Pond Maintenance Program for two main reasons:
Their aeration technology simply does not measure up to that of the DIY Pond Maintenance Program
Their treatment plan is inferior to that of Clean-Flo’s.
Clean-Flo’s all-natural biological treatment packages cater specifically to ponds up to 2 acres in area and any depth up to 45 feet deep. After filling out our short questionnaire you will be provided with a treatment plan designed specifically to alleviate issues of your problem waterbody. This treatment plan takes into account the geographic region and climate of your pond and the specific problems that you face. A prescribed seasonal dosing schedule will play a major role in mitigating pond algae, pond sediment, and pond weeds. Clean-Flo uses only natural products and NEVER any chemicals or algaecides.
Combining the prescribed seasonal dosing schedule with our industry-leading aeration ensures a successful regeneration of your pond.

What to look for in Aeration?

If you’re looking for aeration solutions for your pond, the efficiency of your aeration is contingent on the volume of air entering the waterbody. The amount of air output from a compressor is measured by Cubic Feet per Minute (CFM). Total system cost per CFM is your best indication of whether you’re getting good value for your money. Clean-Flo has the best cost per CFM…by far.
If you’re looking for DIY solutions for your pond the ease of installation is imperative. Clean Flo’s small pond aeration system simple and easy to install. Here you will find our installation video so you can see for yourself.
If you’re looking for one program to do it all, completeness of the solution will be a clear indicator of its effectiveness. Clean-Flo’s DIY Pond Maintenance Program is designed to mitigate the seasonal effects on a waterbody and proven to reduce sediment and algae, while simultaneously improving fish health.
Clean-Flo’s superior understanding, engineering, materials, and assembly translates directly to superior results for any water body.