Our Company

50 years of experience

CLEAN-FLO International has 50 years of experience in solving water quality issues in many different types of water bodies throughout the world. Because every water body is unique, this breadth of experience is essential in providing the best aeration design and/or biological and enzyme program (with or without aeration) for each specific application possible. Utilizing the CLEAN-FLO Custom Design and Build program, systems are quickly built and shipped after receiving an order. Products are often shipped within 1 to 2 days. All aeration systems are designed for efficient installation with all parts provided. Common maintenance and repair parts are inventoried for fast turnaround times and repair services are available when needed. On-site supervision or installation is also available on many projects.

CLEAN-FLO International is a custom engineering/manufacturing company with a distinct focus on solving water quality issues. We continuously strive to develop new techniques to solve these issues. Unlike a department store or online supplier that sells basic one size fits systems, our systems are designed to fit the application using the highest quality components.

Throughout the years, we have improved water quality, reduced weeds, algae, odor and organic sediment, and improved fishing in thousands of lakes, ponds, rivers, reservoirs, aquaculture facilities and wastewater treatment basins throughout the world. These water bodies have ranged in size from less than one acre to over 11,000 acres. Here is a partial listing of some of the countries where CLEAN-FLO systems have been installed: United States, Puerto Rico, Canada, Mexico, Peru, England, France, Italy, South Africa, Korea, Taiwan, China, Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Japan, New Zealand, and India. If you are looking for a natural, non-chemical approach to improve your water body, you have found the best. Let the experts at CLEAN-FLO help you enjoy cleaner water, better fishing, and a muck free bottom.

Our Approach to Naturally
Improving Water Quality

Our approach to each water body is a little different than most companies. We don’t sell systems over the internet. In our opinion, the “one size fits” solution to various size water bodies is a hit or miss proposition. We want customers to get the results that they expect on every project. In order to accomplish this, we have to get some critical information.

Once obtained, our engineers can prepare a detailed system design and program for any body of water. For 48 years our engineering has set us apart from our competitors, and our customer service ensures that even after the sale we will be there for guidance and support to keep our customers satisfied.

Our Water Aeration Systems

As a global provider of water aeration systems and algae/weed solutions, we deliver a natural, cost-effective method for improving water quality through our exclusive line of specially designed aerator systems and water restoration products. Our innovative aeration technology solutions are customized to increase oxygen levels in specific bodies of water including ponds, lakes, drinking water reservoirs, wastewater lagoons, and more. In addition, they are engineered to operate continuously and effectively, all while remaining cost-effective and environmentally friendly. Our custom water aeration systems include: