Bushy Pondweed

Bushy Pondweed Description:

Bushy pondweed (southern naiad) is a rooted underwater plant. It is a native annual plant which must start from seed each year. Southern naiad vegetation and seeds are consumed by many species of ducks and is considered a primary food source. Submerged portions of all aquatic plants provide habitats for many micro and macro invertebrates.

Bushy pondweed is abundant in ponds, lakes, and slow-moving streams and can handle slightly brackish water. It can quickly become abundant in shallow water.

Bushy Pondweed Identification:

  • Thread-like narrow leaves oppositely arranged on slender, sparsely branched stems
  • Leaves are slightly broader at the base than tip
  • Rooted
  • Plants may be dense and bushy
  • Long, thin, branching stems
  • Leaves are tapered to a fine point with tiny “spines”; seeds are shiny and smooth. Bushy pondweed is sometimes confused with chara, but chara has a musky odor when crushed and bushy pondweed does not.

Controlling Bushy Pondweed

Controlling Bushy Pondweed can be accomplished with aquatic herbicides (chemicals), mechanically by harvesting, introducing grass carp or by producing an algae bloom. Reducing nutrients and keeping oxygen levels high to accelerate the decay process of any dying plant material is very important. Using the Clean-Flo inversion / oxygenation system and bioaugmentation program will reduce nutrients in the water column, accelerate the decay of dying plant material and other organics, and reduce the bottom organic sediment or muck. A Clean-Flo system continually oxygenates and circulates the water body to eliminate stagnant, anaerobic and odorous conditions, and improves water quality to keep it clean and healthy.

Bioaugmentation converts nutrients into beneficial forms of algae, such as diatoms, which become food for fish. Fish reproduce better, are healthier, have more vigor, and are better tasting. The water body becomes a healthy asset, more appealing and cleaner for all uses.

Improve your water body now!

The following bioaugmentation products are beneficial for all water bodies to reduce nutrients, improve water quality, reduce organic muck and stimulate beneficial diatom growth that will convert nutrients into healthy food for fish.  Best results are achieved with our aeration and oxygenation system.