What is Biological Augmentation?

In addition to installing a properly engineered Clean-Flo inversion oxygenation system, biological augmentation can be used to further enhance water quality and reduce nutrients. Biological augmentation involves the supplemental application of non-toxic, natural, beneficial microbes, enzymes, and minerals to clean a body of water. This augmentation improves water quality, clarity and reduces organic sediments (muck) that accumulate over time on the bottom of a body of water, and best of all, it is natural. 

In addition to adding microbes, Clean-Flo is pioneering the stimulation of indigenous microbes. We are now using food-grade electron donors and cofactors to stimulate indigenous microbial populations to accelerate organic and inorganic bioremediation. Through over 40 years of microbial research, our microbiologists continue to advance the possibilities of bioremediation in dealing with hydrocarbons and heavy metals contamination in water bodies.

Why is Biological Augmentation Needed?

Due to nutrient overloading, many water bodies become out of balance. Due to photosynthesis, dissolved oxygen levels are constantly changing, making it hard for fish and other aquatic life. Chemical applications drop the killed algae and weeds to the bottom where they start to decay before running out of oxygen. This oxygen depletion also kills natural bacteria and microbes that can consume the decaying plant material, so the material accumulates into inches and many times, feet of muck at the bottom. It then becomes a downward spiral, requiring more chemical applications and stronger chemicals to achieve the same result.

The spiral can be reversed. Water bodies can be efficiently improved without chemicals. Biological augmentation with beneficial organisms jump starts the most efficient way to clean water, nature. Think of a compost pile and how it breaks down. It requires consistent turning to allow oxygen inside the pile to stimulate natural bacteria in breaking down the waste. This is what the CLEAN-FLO process does at the bottom of a body of water. Our process gets oxygen to the sediment layer at the bottom, then augmentation with beneficial bacteria takes place, water improves and the muck disappears.

Why is Biological Augmentation Needed?

Unlike other muck reduction methods, our process of biological augmentation turns muck into food for fish and other aquatic life. As these beneficial microbes do their job, they are consumed by aquatic insects and small fish. These insects and small fish are consumed by even larger fish and the entire food chain is enhanced naturally. Fish health, growth and activity are greatly increased. More importantly, nutrients are greatly reduced in the process.