What is Aerated Water?

Aerated water is well-oxygenated water. This means there is abundant dissolved oxygen in the lake or pond. Aeration is the process of oxygenating water by increasing oxygen levels in the water via air.

Oxygen and Water:

A body of water may become depleted in oxygen through a process called eutrophication. When there are excess nutrients in a freshwater environment, algae may take advantage of the imbalance and grow into massive blooms. Algae Blooms block sunlight from reaching aquatic plants which would produce oxygen. In addition, when they die, the mass amount of organic matter and process of decomposition depletes the water of oxygen. Overgrowth of aquatic weeds can lead to the same problem. Overgrowth of weeds decreases water activities like boating, water skiing, swimming, fish mobility, etc. This, in turn, leads to even less oxygenation which further decreases the number of organisms that can feed on the plants and reduce organic sedimentation. Soon, the lake or pond is totally overrun by plant life and is completely unbalanced.

Why Aerate Water?

Aerated water is important for the health of your lake or pond because aerated water is oxygenated water. Oxygen is required by almost all aquatic organisms to breathe. When oxygen is lacking, anaerobic organisms, those that don’t breathe oxygen, take over. An overgrowth of anaerobic organisms can lead to foul odors, lake or pond acidification, and/or toxic byproducts. These poor conditions lead to the loss of macroinvertebrates, loss of fish, increase in mosquitoes, and organic sediment accumulation. Oxygenation is key to the health of aquatic ecosystems.

CLEAN-FLO Aeration

Other companies may want to fix the problem with short term solutions by addressing the symptoms. Killing off algal blooms and overgrowth of weeds may reduce the plant life, but it does not fix the problem in the long run. In fact, it continues the cycle by adding to the accumulating organic matter sediment that can reduce oxygen further. CLEAN-FLO has engineered a unique aeration process that addresses the overarching, long-term issues like nutrient imbalance and stratification. CLEAN-FLO laminar flow inversion and oxygenation increases the oxygen levels throughout the entire body of water without disturbing the nutrients in the sediment or increasing turbidity. CLEAN-FLO’s non-turbulent aeration method keeps nutrients bound to the sediment so that plant life does not continue to take over and oxygen levels can remain stable. The inversion oxygenation sends microbubbles from the bottom of the water column to the surface and enables a complete circulation of aerated water.

Aerated water increases oxygen and improves the health of the lake or pond. Water quality improves, organic sediment decreases, nuisance algae and plant growth is reduced, and fish thrive.

CLEAN-FLO combines the oxygenation process with bioaugmentation to enhance the results. Beneficial aerobic bacteria and enzymes are added so that they can help break down organic sediment and reduce the excess nutrients. Enzymes break down organic muck similar to a compost pile in your backyard. Increased diatom levels help clean the water and balance nutrients, while also providing food for fish. The Clean-Flo process addresses the cause of the problems, not the symptoms. Consistent use of these products over time will reduce nutrient availability and help keep the water clean and healthy.

Finally, CLEAN-FLO’s Nutrient Sponge is used to reduce nitrogen and phosphorus by filtering them from water flowing into your lake or pond. CLEAN-FLO’s aerated water services are more cost effective and efficient than other providers because we understand the complex processes underlying the health of each individual property.

Examples of Clean-Flo’s Success with Aerated Water Applications:

Lake Apopka is a large lake in Florida which was once a popular and lucrative fishing spot but became overrun by phytoplankton and sediment after years of fertilizer and chemical runoff. With the destruction of the aquatic ecosystem, the fish died and the state of Florida reached out to CLEAN-FLO for help. Baseline metrics of Lake Apopka’s health were taken and a CLEAN-FLO Inversion Oxygenation & Bioaugmentation System was installed to a small pilot area of the lake in August of 2015. Every month, samples were taken to monitor the effects. Only four months later, in December 2015, an independent consultant analyzed the data. The results showed a decrease in algae, ammonia, and organic matter sediment! Due to the denitrification effects of CLEAN-FLO’s system, there was a substantial decrease in plant density, and this has resulted in noticeable increases in fish. The positive results will only become more apparent as time goes on.

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The following bioaugmentation products are beneficial for all water bodies to reduce nutrients, improve water quality, reduce organic muck and stimulate beneficial diatom growth that will convert nutrients into healthy food for fish.  Best results are achieved with our aeration and oxygenation system.